Hi, Rick. This is Rob and Nicole writing. We just wanted to drop you a quick line to wish you all the best in the coming year and to tell you just how much we are enjoying our Jacuzzi. We are in the spa everyday, without fail. I, personally, have been known to go in more than once. I set my record on New Years Day with 3 separate sessions! It feels great, and I have been using some of the more powerful jets on a bad tendon I have in my foot; it helps to loosen it and to relieve the pain. And those LED lights are such a cool feature. The spa is really the best money we have spent in a long time and it has been such a great addition to our yard. Thanks for being a great owner/dealer to deal with. I have never felt less pressured by a sale, and you really worked with us to make a win-win deal.

All of our best,
Rob and Nicole A

This is the ONLY place to go if you’re looking to buy a Hot Tub, Spa or Jacuzzi! I’ve been a customer of Harbor Spa for almost 2 years and I have never been dissatisfied with their professionalism, knowledge, support or prices.

My wife was diagnosed with Cancer in 2005 and underwent treatment. One of the side effects from hertreatment was joint pain. With a limited budget, we decided to purchase a Spa as we heard that the benefits would help alleviate some of the pain. And it would be a nice place for the family to get together. My wife and I shopped several Spa and Pool establishments. As we shopped, we met salespeople who knew more about BBQ sets and patio furniture than Spa’s. We almost purchased a Tiger River model, but the establishment had no support for installation or setup. We decided to stop into Harbor Spas in Torrance and see their selection and pricing.

At Harbor Spa’s we met Rick St. George, the owner, he is an awesome guy who is very knowledgeable about Spa’s and has over 20 years of experience. He takes time time to answer questions about spas in a manner where you understand. He has several water filled SPA’s in his showroom that you can test out. Harbor Spa is NOT your typical spa shop in the middle of a busy street. It’s a family owned and operated business that has established itself with honesty, customer service, quality, and a huge selection of the best spa’s and the absolute BEST pricing in town. They hear what you’re asking for and do not try to sell you something they just want to get rid of.

When my wife and I tested the models out, we saw a HUGE difference in the quality and performance of the Tiger Springs SPA vs a Jacuzzi brand SPA. Rick gave us an awesome price on a Jacuzzi model that my wife and I love. Rick’s quote for a Jacuzzi model with twin motors and a zillion spa jets in lower than other competitors spas with less features! Rick has a great network of both electricans, installers, and gazebo providers so you can get what you need in one place. In addition, Harbor Spas carrys all the chemicals, strips, and replacement parts that you will need in stock! We left and returned later that week to give Rick our business.

After the installation, the spa looked fantastic! Rick sent a great crew to perform the electrical work and deliver and install the jacuzzi. His team worked quickly & efficiently, completing the work in record time. Rick called us on every step to answer questions and be sure everything was to our satisfaction. His team’s communication with me was absolutely outstanding. Their work and attention to detail is above and beyond anything we ever expected.

I highly recommend and would definately use Harbor Spa again for any Spa, Jacuzzi or Hot Tub purchase, repair or replacement. Even if you own a used spa that came with your house, or if you purchased your spa elsewhere, I would still highly recommend Harbor Spas.

Harbor Spa is located in Torrance, on Telo Avenue which is just off Lomita Blvd (between Hawthorne and Crenshaw). Their showroom is at the end of Telo Ave and they have a sign pointing to their location. The door is small, but once you walk in you will see the largest SPA showroom in town. Ask for Rick and you will be happy!

Mirko M.

We are a repeat customer and are just as happy the 2nd time around. We bought our 1st Hot Springs Spa the Prodigy in 1999 and used it almost daily. Had one repair needed after 4 yrs and it was fixed fast & well done. Then we remodeled and didn’t have room in the yard for spa so we sold it. The new owner needed a minor repair and still under warranty it was fixed fast & well. So in 2011 we missed our spa so much we finally said lets look at a smaller tub. Of course because of great price & service I ran straight to Rick at Harbor Spa. He hooked us up with a Jetsetter for 2 and we love it. We have been rocking it daily. There are cheaper spas but they are made way cheaper too & there are scams out there too. With Rick there is no hassle & no bull. Just a good product they are willing to back up with good service. Buy with confidence.

Laura in Torrance

My contractor hired an electrician to hook up my spa. After an hour of not knowing why the hookup was not working, Rick sent over his technician who was in the area for a complimentary service call. The technician solved the problem in less than a minute and then stayed to provide me with some information on maintaining the spa. This is what I call customer service. Thanks Rick.


I’ve had my Hotsprings “Hi-Life” up on my roof deck since July of 1989. Purchased it from Rick when he was still on Crenshaw & PCH, and recently went in to his present location for a visit. My Hotsprings Spa is one of the most reliable products I’ve ever purchased! It’s like the Energizer Bunny, it just keeps providing years and years of service with very little maintenance required after all these years!

Hermosa Beach

We have had our spa for a little over three years now and have been in it at least a thousand times, pretty much every day. It relaxes us and aids in communication — giving us a serene place to talk over the events of the day and decisions we need to make. Harbor Spas has taken good care of us. M. S.

I’ve have had a Hot Springs Spa for 19 years and still not ready to replace it. One of the best products I have ever purchased. Low energy usage and great reliability. I have had all my spa needs taken care of by Rick St George and couln’t be happier with my service.

Carl King

We just received our Hot Springs Spa. Not only is the product wonderful, luxurious and bubbly, but the service was fantastic. Rick St. George the owner, has assembled a team of quality, competent, and professional specialists that exceeded our hopes and expectations every step of the way. A promised two week job; the ordering,removing the old spa (via crane), the clean up, the delivery (also by crane) and wiring (we needed 220) went smoothly. Oh, the entire job was completed in nine days! Thank you Rick, Rod, Nick, and Albert.

Tom Cook
Redondo Beach

I use my spa for recovery after running. I just had knee surgery. The spa is the greatest feeling in the world. I love the jets. It has really helped my recovery. Thanks for making such a great product!


Love our Hot Spring Spa. Have owned our current Prodigy model for 5-1/2 years- has been through 3 moves with us! Children have gotten bigger and we are in the process of upgrading to a new spa. After reviewing all the various brands available, we’ve confirmed our origional purchase decision (probably greatly influenced by a 5+ year no problem experience) and are awaiting the arrival of our Hot Spring Grandee! Great product, excellent value!


A Hot Spring Spa by far is the highest quality spa you can buy. I have shopped them all and you can’t beat a Hot Spring Spa!


Our Sovereign model has served us well for 6 years, one of the best buys we have ever made. It has become a tradition with our neighbors to take a soak every Christmas Eve. No better place when it is snowing out. Thanks for all the good times.


I have two Hot Spring spas—one at our regular home and one at our vacation home. I’m sold on your products!

We simply love our Hot Spring spa and can’t say enough good things about it.


This is our 2nd Hot Spring spa we have owned. When our previous spa was moved to our new home, the movers told us that they have never seen such quality construction. Apparently, other spas that they have moved didn’t hold up as well during the transit. We had no problems with our Hot Spring spa!.


We had your Hot Spot spa for the past seven years and loved it. We recently traded it in and upgraded to a Vista.


I will recommend a Hot Spring spa to everyone. It was well worth the extra money we spent.


We owned the Hot Spring Classic spa previously for five years. We’re sorry we sold it with our house, but now we are the proud owners of a new Prodigy spa and we are enjoying every minute of it.


As we wanted to have a spa that would truly give healthy long term benefits we searched and did our homework. There are a lot of spas out there. The spa that worked best for our family was the Jacuzzi 470. We especially like it because all four corners have seats with the filter system in the middle. I would recommend Harbor Spas for their experience and selection

Ron Sesco